Emily Lynn McBurnett


Michael Matthew McNeal

Emily Lynn McBurnett and Michael Matthew McNeal

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Our Story

Matthew and I first met on October 8, 2013. Chelsey Prater (Matron of Honor) and I were attending a City and Colour concert at the Granada Theatre and upon arriving, she mentioned a friend from high school was saving us a spot. That friend was Matthew. We casually met after the concert and went our separate ways. When Chelsey and I got in the car to leave, she exclaimed "Omg y'all would be PERFECT for each other, plus you both just got dumped!” (both things were true).

For the next six months, Chelsey and I had a running joke about this "Matthew guy" who would one day be my husband. He and I became friends on social media and had the occasional Twitter exchange, but it wasn't until April 1st, 2014, that Matthew made the big move.

He texted Chelsey to see if she and "Emily from the City and Colour concert" were available for lunch sometime. As Chelsey and I stood inside of a pizza place, flipping out that this was actually happening, she promptly responded with "I'm not available but Emily is - for dinner."

A fantastic first date at Joe T Garcia’s and a drive-in movie sealed the deal. Five years later and we haven't stopped talking, laughing, or loving since. Together, we have graduated college, adopted two cats, endured two cross-country moves, navigated through thousands of miles on the road, landed jobs, experienced loss, and surrounded ourselves with incredible friends who have since become family.

Our love and life together is wild and vast, yet safe and loving. We are beyond excited to gather our family and friends, both new and old, to celebrate this milestone in our lives that we have worked tirelessly to get to.

‘Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name’ - The Avett Brothers
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